European Wilderness Society

1 Million visitors

Dear friends and wilderness advocates, together we broke the threshold of 1 million visitors to our website If we add all of our other websites we actually surpassed already 1,2 million visitors. Wilderness friends from almost ever country of the world informed themselves on our website. Only Chad and Turkmenistan are still white spots on the world map.

No one thought in 2014 when we started the European Wilderness Society that only 6 years later we would have reached 1 million people with information about Wilderness and its Wildlife.

With the exception of Chad and Turkmenistan we reached every country in the world. More than 167.000 of the 1 million visitors came from the United States, with Germany and UK being close second.

We want to share with you this success, since all of you helped us with our more than 1580 interesting postings containing more than 639,345 words focusing on all aspects of nature conservation. It proves that as team we can achieve the almost impossible and looking at the visitors of the first 4 months of this year, we will reach across all our websites 1,5 million Wilderness advocates easily by the end of 2020.

This success encourages us to continue on our mission to reach as many people as possible to inspire them about Wilderness. We are therefore increasing our outreach efforts and are offering several Webinars and Online training courses. We are also adding Wilderness surveys and polls to our Website and will publish several Wilderness focuses petitions. We are also working hard to add an online shop for our numerous goodies.

Please help us getting the Wilderness and its wildlife into the minds of the people by forwarding our weekly newsletter, by sharing our postings, by advocating our website. As a team we can make the impossible become reality.


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