Photographer Peter Bino: Wilderness is around us!

‘Wilderness begins behind our houses and gardens, where everybody can meet roe deer, hare or even fox. Wilderness is around us.’

These are words of young committed wild nature photographer Peter Bino from Slovakia!

There is a growing number of young people committed to protection of wild European nature. They greatly value what we inherited from our grandparents and what we still have around us. They appreciate these values also because it is so close us.

There is no need to spend hundreds and thousands of Euros to travel far away. You need only step outside and open your eyes.

The following few paragraphs are describing motivation of Peter Bino:

With photography I started about seven years ago. It began with short walks in the surroundings of the town, where I’ve first seen wild animals from a far distance. As the time flowed the drive to capture wild animals in their natural habitat increase growth  and I began to walk deeper into Wilderness.

This passion stemmed from the love for nature imprinted by my parents since I was a child. Today I aim to show others that Wilderness is not only in the tropical forest or national parks in America. Wilderness begins behind our houses, gardens, where everyone can meet a roe, a fox or a hare. The further you go, the more rare animals you are able to spot – a roaring stag in a mating season or wild bear. If you look up to the sky many different birds species flies above our heads. Migrating geese, herons or colourful kingfishers nesting in the steep river banks. Just have to open your eyes, listen to the sounds of the forests, meadows and rivers.

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