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Wilderness Advocates!

Wilderness Advocate are people committed to protect Wilderness! We need them more!

The term ‘Wilderness Advocate’ was not very commonly used in Europe in the previous years. Nevertheless time is changing and more and more people consider importance not only to protect the European Wilderness Heritage but also to be actively involved.

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Wilderness advocates – people who believe that Wilderness is an important element of European heritage are scattered all over the Europe and until recently they were very much anonymous despite of fact that they are 24 hours a day involved to the Wilderness issue. Some of them are actually Wilderness advocates already for decades such as Mr. Erich Mayrhofer from Kalkalpen Wilderness and Mr. Wolfgang Urban from Hohe Tauern Wilderness, Austria but also Mr. Erich Balaz – Wilderness activist, writer and film maker, Slovakia.

Nevertheless there is a specific group of people – Wilderness areas managers who not only care about ‘their’ Wilderness but actively motivate other colleagues.

Mrs. Inna Manturova from Astrakhan Biosphere State Reserve, Russia and Mr. Vasil Mochan from Zacharovanyy Kray Wilderness, Ukraine are such ‘advance’ Wilderness advocates. The first one encouraged colleagues from State Nature Sanctuary “Stepnoi”, Russia and the second encouraged his colleagues from Synevyr National Park, Ukraine to become members of the European Wilderness Network. These individuals become a real special European ‘Wilderness Advocates’ and we believe that many more will soon join this extra class of Wilderness lovers!

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