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Its wolf howling season

As we know from our new tourism partner Carpatica this is the time to hear the wolves howling to mark the mating season. We can divide mating behavior of wolves into three distinct divisions.


A male and female meet. They stand shoulder to shoulder, not gazing directly into each other’s eyes. Within a few moments they will attempt a muzzle sniff, perhaps followed by tongue-flicking and/or nuzzling the other’s cheek or lips. There are often somewhat exaggerated non-threatening dominance stance. Eventually the Wolves relax; determining that no threat exists resulting into running, playing, mutual nuzzling, licking of lips and noses, grooming, sniffing of each other’s genitals, and marking; where the male urinates on the female’s mark (urine and scat), or visa-versa.


Afterwards, this is followed by similar activities especilly the smelling of each others genitals. The female generally exhibits a swollen vulva and often bleeds. This arouses the male,  who testicles grow more apparent.


Copulatory behavior begins when the female enters estrus. She will flag the male and assume a posture sometimes called lordosis. This is when she stretches the hind legs back and averts the tail. Also the back is arched to lower the vulva to an optimal angle of entry for the male’s penis. After insemination the Wolves may remain in a copulatory tie for several minutes, during which they may stand tail to tail or lay together, licking and nuzzling each other.

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