Wilderness at the Symposium for Research in Protected Areas, Salzburg

The 6th Symposium for Research in Protected Areas was held at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Salzburg, Austria Nov 2-3. Researchers, protected area managers, government, business, non-governmental organizations and the general public came together and presented and discussed different topics related to protected areas. The topics are important for protected areas and developments in research.

European Wilderness Society presented ‘Wilderness as a unique laboratory’ at the Symposium on Friday. The subject is attractive not only for nature lovers and Wilderness managers, but also for a growing group of scientists. This Symposium and the subject of Wilderness is organised by Hohe Tauern National Park, a member of the European Wilderness Network.

There are different presentations on Wilderness on Friday at the Session 5.2 – Wilderness and process dynamics. Vlado Vancura of the European Wilderness Network discussed the definition of Wilderness, the European Wilderness Definition and Quality Standard and how Wilderness can function as a unique laboratory for science. And Verena Gruber from the European Wilderness Society presented her award-winning thesis „A comparative Analysis of selected Wilderness Areas in Central Europe” .

Wilderness is a unique laboratory

The core subject of the presentation focused on

  • Natural rewilding processes without human interference
  • Wilderness as a areas governed by dynamics of open ended undefined natural processes
  • Diversity of European Wilderness Network (currently more than 20 different Wilderness habitats across Europe),
  • Anthropogenic impact on Wilderness is offering the chance to study the resilience

All these aspects provide a unique opportunity for researcher and scientists…

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