Workshop with EcoPlay and CNNP

As part of the project  “Don’t change climate – educate youth”, which was recently launched due to the joint efforts of the NGO “Eco-play”, European Wilderness Society and Carpathian National Nature Park (Ukraine) and is funded by the Embassy of Australia in Ukraine through the Direct Aid Program, a workshop was held today on the content and the time schedule of the different workpackages.

The project has the following proposed outputs:

  • A 24 page Wild5 Journal aimed at Kids and covering such issues as Climate Change, the CNNP, the return of the wolf, bear, lynx and golden jackal as well as how to leave no trace when visiting a protected area.
  • A 32 page special developed curricula for educators wanting to teach their children such hit issues as climate change and its impact, ecological footprint, regional supply chains, leave no trace concept and the role of volunteerism. In addition, trips to the CNNP are proposed and discussed.
  • A new Infotrail with 5 large signs focusing on climate change, the CNNP as a key protected area in the Ukraine and the HUK Waterfall as tourist attraction, leave no trace and prevention of polution and the ecological footprint of each and everyone as well as information on the large carnivores returning to the Ukraine.
  • A leaflet aimed at visitors covering the above mentioned topics
  • A training workshop for educators on climate change and its impact.

The project objective is to enhance sustainability through protecting the environment, introducing and applying effective environmental education tools, promoting outdoor activities and raising awareness about nature heritage and climate change effects.

Partners also visited trail to the Huk Waterfall, where during the project finalization phase outdoor educational activities will be held.


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