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Youth Green Conference 2022 successfully conducted! 

The last week of September, 2022 was pretty intense because of the Youth Green Conference. Event started on 25th of September by arrival of participants and had been followed by 5 days of outdoor activities, workshops, networking and intellectual discussions. This week was full of interesting discoveries and exchanges. 60 youngsters supported by numerious experts did an amazing job to build a bright sustainable future of Europe! 

Despite the touching farewell, we are ready to evaluate our Conference and highlight the most interesting moments for you.

Team building and cultural events

An important part of the Youth Green Conference agenda was to build trustful connections between youngsters to set the basis for future projects. We started our acquaintance at the Outdoor park, where all youngsters united into four teams and went through different barriers, flew on a zip-line, and shaped their relationship with challenging, but fun activities. 

This year we had a chance to invite participants from 5 different European countries. Thefore, first evening was dedicated to cultural presentations of the countries. For a few hours, each delegation shared their national traditions, common food and gave a brief overview of the most interesting places of their countries. In addition, discussion touched the specific environmental issues of the regions of delegates. If you joint us, you would be impressed by the variety of performances and delicious national sweets. We closed the first day with quizzes, songs, and mapping of different protected areas of Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Germany and Ukraine. 

From fragile butterflies’ habitats to exploration of water pollution 

This year’s agenda was well thought and diverse. During Conference days, our experts introduced the teenagers to serious and exciting topics such as climate change, habitat protection, insect monitoring, water pollution, livestock protection, animal extinction, smart tourism, Respect Nature, art and many others.  

European Wilderness Society team and our partners from Austria, Italy, Germany, Slovakia, and Ukraine handled over 15 sessions. We combined theoretical and practical learning, digital art, experiments, networking and group work.

Every evening was resumed by the sport competions of energetic youngsters.

A special sensitive session “How it is to study during the war? ” was presented by the Ukrainian youth.

And of course all youngsters received Youth Passes as the recognition of their participation in this project, supported by Erasmus +.

Youth Charter for Environment is signed! 

We are happy to announce that the work on the Youth Charter of Environment is completed! We are thankful to our special guests and to our group mentors professionally supported our youth in Charter development.

Youngsters started their contribution to the Charter, when they applied for the Youth Green Conference and expressed their vision, what it should contain.

During the Conference, young delegates were united into 9  international groups and everyone had a chance to work on a problem that seems the most appealing to him/her. Our creative mentor, Birgitta Wahlers, supported youngsters with the presentation of their parts to ensure that decision-makers will be impressed. 

The final version of the Charter was signed by all young participants on the final day of the Conference. We hope that many powerful projects will be developed in upcoming years in different European countries to implement Cahrter statements and that the Youth Goal #10: Sustainable Green Europe is going to be achieved soon. 

Youth Charter for Environment will be published on our website soon and will be wildely disseminated.

I was happy to join Youth Green Conference-2022 and was glad to find new friend here. We have a lot of work in our city, Uzhhorod! And we will use knowledge, gained during the Conference

Olesya Yasevych, youngster from Ukraine

We are looking forward for the next years and already have some ideas for the next Youth Green Conferences. Follow us to get more updates!

Educational Curriculum

One of the main Youth Green Conference outputs is its Educational Curricula. The Curriculum contains activities, developed by project parters, tested and impemented during the Youth Green Conference. Among Curriculum activities are:

  • Respect nature and tourism
  • Livestock Protection
  • Climate Change and Species Protection
  • Forest pedagogy
  • Forest inventory
  • Use of wood waste for heating
  • Rivers and waste pollution
  • Wild nature observation
  • Volunteering
  • Art and nature.

Activities in this curriculum do not only teach youngsters about nature conservation and its elements, they also contribute to the team building and team work.

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