Wilderness Policy

Natura 2000 has 500,000 supporters

Natura 2000 has almost half a million EU supporters. The EU citizens that have called on the European Commission to save Europe’s nature laws in a public consultation – the highest number of responses ever reached in the history of the EU. 120 environmental NGOs across Europe forming the ‘Nature Alert’ campaign, which calls on the European Commission not to weaken the laws that protect nature.

The Nature Alert campaign was launched in May after the Commission announced it would be looking into whether the existing EU nature laws – the Birds and Habitats Directives – should be changed. Campaigners are urging the EC to ensure that the laws are better implemented and enforced, but not changed.

The Birds and Habitats Directives protect 1,000 key species and over 27,000 natural sites in Europe through the Natura 2000 Framework.

If the EC decides nevertheless to soften the Natura 2000 directives, the European Wilderness Society will join the numerous other NGOs in their pressure to ensure efficient protection of our nature and Wilderness.

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