Bears in Ukrainian Carpathians

The bear population in the Ukrainian Carpathians is a mystery!

The Brown bear population in the Ukrainian Carpathian is approximately 150-200 individuals. In neighboring Slovakia 1000 and in Romania over 5000!! The reason for this disproportion is poaching, concluded WWF report.

In the recent past the brown bear was widespread in Europe. Now the situation has changed and in many countries the bear is already extinct and the return is a slow and demanding process (Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland).

Beech forests in the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve in Ukraine is excellent habitat for the brown bear. Official statistics said that in the whole Carpathian region still live around 7,000 individuals. The most in Romania and Slovakia. To gain a reliable data about population of brown bear is demanding task and the official figures are usually result of endless discussion (where biologist  argue with local populations and hunters).

The situation with brown bears in Ukraine is alike. Official statement of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources in Ukraine already for years state that the Ukrainian Carpathian are home for about 350 bears. However, recent monitoring and research come to the conclusion that this figure is too high. There are more likely 150 to 200 individuals.

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