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Celebrating 50 years of Carpathian Biosphere Reserve

Our congratulations to Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, who are celebrating their 50th Anniversary this week! The European Wilderness Society attended the opening of the Anniversary earlier this year and looks forward to continue to work closely with Carpathian Biosphere Reserve to protect Wilderness in Ukraine. Over the last few years they have played a key role in Wilderness stewardship, and continue to lead the way in Wilderness protection in Europe.

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Awarding new Wilderness

European Wilderness Society personally congratulated Carpathian Biosphere Reserve with its anniversary. We also awarded a new Wilderness Diploma for Maramorosh Wilderness

This is only the beginning of mutually beneficial cooperations with the European Wilderness Society.

Vasyl Pokynchereda, international cooperation specialist of the Reserve

European Wilderness Society’s auditors are already planning a new audit for the next potential Wilderness of this protected area, as well as various joint projects aiming to save this unique area for future generations!

European Wilderness Network

Carpathian Biosphere Reserve hosts the most Wilderness areas in the whole of the European Wilderness Network. It is no surprise that the Reserve becomes a platform for international nature conservation. These include two Wilderness areas; Uholka Shyrokyy Luh and Maramarosh. Additionally there are three WILDRivers; Shyrokky Luh, Velyka Uholka, Mala Uholka and two WILDForests; Uholka Shyrokyy Luh and Kuziy-Trybushany. All represent outstanding examples of Wilderness and the natural state of the Carpathian mountains. These areas also serve as home to many rare and endangered species, including all Carpathian carnivores. Notably there are also 64 plant species and 72 animal species here which are in the Red Data Book of the IUCN and Ukraine, and the European Red List.

Celebratory Conference

In dedication to the 50th Anniversary, there will be an international scientific conference held in Ukraine on 22-25 October 2018. ‘Problems of mountain ecosystems conservation and sustainable use of biological resources in the Carpathians’. European Wilderness Society attended the conference to support the Reserve’s work in Wilderness protection, and further strengthen the good cooperations between our organisations.

Looking forward

The European Wilderness Society is looking forward to continue working with the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve in the future. Together we will continue to advocate for the protection of Wilderness, and work towards a future where there are further Wilderness designations and promotion, alongside ecological and Wilderness education in Ukraine.

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