Don’t miss upcoming webinars on gender equality in nature conservation!

Gender equality is the fifth goal of the Sustainable Development. Nature conservation is amongst the sectors where gender inequality is evident in many countries. Therefore, the change of the situation and especially awareness raising on this issue is important. We would like to draw your attention on two upcoming online initiatives:

  • Ramsar Convention Gender Mainstreaming trainings
  • Barriers and Supports for Women in the Conservation Workforce

Gender and Ramsar Convention

There is an increasing recognition that the wise use and management of wetlands requires a more thorough understanding of human rights and gender-equality considerations. Numerous studies and experiences worldwide have confirmed that gender inequalities must be addressed. Among such sectors are conservation of biodiversity, landscape restoration, adaptation and mitigation to climate change. Moreover, efforts should be taken to transition to an inclusive and regenerative green economy – especially after the pandemic. Accordingly, the Guidance on Mainstreaming Gender under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands was developed.

We have long known that women play a crucial role in the provision, management and safeguarding of wetland resources. This Guidance on Mainstreaming Gender under the Ramsar Convention explains how to integrate gender issues in the implementation of the Convention.

Martha Rojas Urrego
Secretary General of the Convention on Wetlands

Ramsar Convention Gender trainings

Also this week, a number of events are taking place to support the Gender mainstreaming in Ramsar Convention. Among them webinars:

  • On 23rd of March on Preparation of draft resolutions for Conference of the parties 14 (COP14) in English, Spanish and French
  • On 25th of March on Mainstreaming Gender under the Convention on Wetlands English, Spanish and French

A recording of the webinars will be available to download on the Convention website.

Webinar “Women in the Conservation Workforce”

On 6th of April, 2021 the Center for Protected Area Management at Colorado State University and U.S. Forest Service International Programs will conduct a webinar. The webinar “Barriers and Supports for Women in the Conservation Workforce” is a part of the webinar series “Promoting Equity and Inclusion”.

As the announcement says, around the world, women have encountered barriers to fully participating in the conservation workforce due to gender stereotypes deeply embedded in society. Traditionally, they have been underrepresented in the field as well as in high level positions responsible for decision making. The webinar will look at the specific barriers that women protected area and conservation professionals face. Moreover, it will explore the supports that have helped women rise above the odds.

Webinar speakers

Three different successful women will hold presentations during the webinar.

  • Jayleen Vera, Fire Program Specialist, Latin America and Caribbean from the U.S. Forest Service International Programs
  • Joni Seager, Professor from the Bentley University
  • Megan S. Jones, Postdoctoral Researcher from the Colorado State University

The registration for webinar is still open, visit the website here!

European Wilderness Society will continue its posting series about women in nature conservation. And will conduct a webinar with shepherdess in November, 2021.

2 thoughts on “Don’t miss upcoming webinars on gender equality in nature conservation!

  • Dear Ondrej, thank you for careful reading of our news! And great that you can calculate men and women employed at the Czech Nature Conservation Agency! In many cases it is not only about number, but also aware salary, positions and opportunities for professional development. Just recently I was a part of the survey in protected areas in Ukraine, where we have slightly different situation. Moreover, this survey is a part of the international project and the situation in other countries is similar. Once data of this report is available publicly, I will let you know. But you are right, I´ve changed the wording to “ is evident in many countries”.

  • Dear Iryna,
    you wrote “Nature conservation is amongst the sectors where gender inequality is evident.” without giving any numbers. So, how is the inequality evident? You inspired me to make a small survey and in the Czech Nature Conservation Agency there are 332 men and 371 women employed. Is it the inequality you mean?

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