First wolf pack confirmed in The Netherlands

Breaking news from The Netherlands, the country now has its first wolf pack. The development of wolves in The Netherlands is quickly changing, as it was just five months ago that experts confirmed the first settled wolf. This female wolf stayed for 6 months stationary in the region of the Veluwe, in the middle part of the country. By the end of April, experts caught the female wolf with a male companion on camera. The first wolf pair was a fact. Thus, it was only a matter of time, until the wolf pair would produce wolf pups.

Caught on camera

This week, the experts made the announcement that footage from a camera trap captured three young wolf pups on film. Looking at the size of the pups, it looks like they were born last April. Hereby it is now official: The Netherlands has its first wolf pack. It contradicts what many people believed to be impossible, and incompatible with a busy and small country. The wolf pack settled in an area with an abundance of wildlife, surrounded by many villages and cities. It is a great example that wolves do not always need wild nature.

The exact location of the wolf pack is not revealed, as it is important not to disturb the family. In the meantime, local authorities are preparing themselves for the next phase of the Dutch Wolf-plan. The plan, which was updated recently, presents the guiding rules for farmers, hunters and other people how to act and deal with the wolf presence. Implementation of proper livestock protection measures is of course important in such a situation.

Watch the footage and the interview with the Dutch Mammal Society below (in Dutch).

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