June 27th: Livestock protection and management info day

BIO AUSTRIA Lower Austria and Vienna is organising together with international experts and the European Wilderness Society a ‘Livestock protection and management info day’. Next week, on June 27th, the organisers will be demonstrating effective livestock protection measures in the alpine landscape. Also, participants will receive practical tips and tricks, and will be able to exchange knowledge and ideas how to best protect different types of livestock.

Visit the info stations for free!

You are invited to participate in the free-to-entry event, where there will be many different information stations. Specific stations will address proper fencing for sheep/goats, horses and cattle. Another station will display fencing in an alpine environment. Furthermore, special information stations will focus on technical livestock protection with GPS and thermal images.

Demonstrations of Livestock Guarding Dogs and Border Collies will also show the participants how effective livestock protection with dogs functions. If you would like to participate, take a look at the following details and poster below:

Thursday June 27th: 10:00 – 16:00
Lämmerhof Groiß, Bruderndorf 13
3921 Langschalg

Please also visit: www.herdenschutz.info

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