Green Europe requires green entrepreneurs

Re-published with the kind permission of Travel2Wild

The political leaders of Europe have announced the concept of a Green Economy as a response to the current economically turbulent situation. But what is actually happening on the ground?
Travel2Wild is a concept to mobilise venture capital funds for multiple purposes: creating jobs, protecting the environment and delivering joy!

Travel2Wild is one of the first for-profit organisation with a clear commitment to sustainable tourism which joined the European Wilderness Society.

There is an increasing concern about the ignorance of youth in relation to Europe’s natural heritage and protecting biodiversity. We at Travel2Wild are different. We are young entrepreneurs who initiated this start-up company in order to let people to discover Europe’s last great places of Wilderness from the Arctic circle to the Mediterranean and from the peaks of the Caucasus to the Atlantic shoreline. There are a lot of areas we can feel proud of as Europeans!

Our concept is simple: creating a community of travellers who will be able to visit Wilderness areas through local service providers and can enjoy an internationally mixed group. Our concept not only helps to create a crowd of nature lovers but also helps local economy. So with one concept we reply on two challenges: a) guarantee the so much needed public support for protecting Wilderness and b) creating new job opportunities in Europe’s rural areas (see our presentation available here).

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