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The first Art event  Plain Air “Sheeps for White Carpathians” of the recently started transnational project “Areas of Inspiration”, supported by EU Programm “Creative Europe” was succesfully conducted last week in Strazhnice, Czech Republic. Art works of invited by project artists from Czech Republic, Estonia, Ukraine and Russia were presented during one of the biggest folklore festivals of the Eastern Europe.

International Art workshops

Here is the time to move for the next project art event for sculptors, photographers and painters “Genius loci”, International Art workshops, which will take place in Viinistu Art Museum, Lahemaa National Park, Estonia on 14.-18.august 2017.


Viinistu Art Museum and residence is happy to invite artists to the Project „Areas of Inspiration“ art workshops that take place in Lahemaa National Park, Viinistu Art Museum and residence. During warm summer days, 14-18 August, following events take place in Viinistu:

  1. International Art Plein-Air „Genius loci. Lahemaa. Viinistu“. Curator Signe Kivi

The aim of the plein-air is to depict the beauty of the nature, people, life. During these days we are distancing from everyday fuzz and be THE ARTIST, as in previous centuries, capturing The Presence with the pencil and brush. Evening talks are open to the general public.

The group consists of 15 different art professionals from Estonia and other European countries, amongst them Tiit Pääsuke, Egils Rozenberg, Heikki Paakanen.

  1. International Art Project „Genius Loci. Viinistu“ for Sculpture and Land Art. Curators Teet Veispak and Otso Kantokorpi.

The aim of the art event is to capture the spirit of Northern Estonian coastal village Viinistu and to express it in their familiar art language, be it sculpture, land art, installation. The workshop ends with the Art Performance „Genius Loci“ for the wider public.

In this Art Event 15 artists from Estonia and other European countries take part, like Jaan Toomik, Paul Rodgers, Art Allmägi, Jüri Ojaver, Matti Peltokangas, Pekka Nevalainen, Antti Keitilä, Anssi Asitonni.

  1. International Photo expedition „Genius Loci. Lahemaa“ for professional photographers and artists. Curator Toomas Tuul.

The aim of the expedition is to capture the spirit of Lahemaa – its nature, people, village life – through the lens. Every photographer has its own unique point of view, concept to do that. During the days everyone moves around in different places of Lahemaa, guided by local people. On Monday there will be a public event, were photographers present themselves, their works and their personal approach in Lahemaa.

The group consists of 15 professional photographers from Estonia and Europe, among them Tõnu Noorits, Kaupo Kikkas, Urmas Tartes, Arne Ader, Kaido Haagen.

Target countries: Czech Republic, Estonia, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine.

Deadline of applications, which should include portfolio and initial idea of artwork in Lahemaa is 15.07.2017.

Reasonable costs of stay, meals and transport in Estonia will be covered by inviting party.

More photo on previous workshops from the area you can find here

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