Introducing the WildArtists: Rick Lichtenberg and Richard Verbeek

Two Dutch creative film students will join the WildArt Plein Air event in Synevyr Wilderness, Ukraine. Together with 8 other creative minds they will hike into the Ukrainian Wilderness with the European Wilderness Society. The WildArt Plein Air event is part of a project Areas of Inspiration, funded by the Creative Europe programme. In this post, we want to introduce Rick Lichtenberg and Richard Verbeek.

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A Wilderness snapshot

The WildArt Plein Air event gives a selected group of artists the unique chance to experience Synevyr Wilderness. They can slow down and open their minds. They will feel the ground under their feet, become aware of the wind and open sky, smell the land and enjoy the forest. It is the challenge of two Dutch enthusiastic creative film students to capture these feelings on film. Rick Lichtenberg and Richard Verbeek both study in the Netherlands and started their own business already. From an early age, nature has inspired both to explore the outdoors. Hearing about the opportunity to visit a unique Wilderness in Ukraine together with other artists, got them very excited.

We are big enthusiasts for art, nature & wildlife. We are looking forward to combine these field in the WildArts event in Ukraine. To prepare ourselves even more, we have fully analysed the camera work of other Wilderness and wildlife documentaries. By now we can dream the camera angles, and we are looking forward to put this into practice.

Rick Lichtenberg and Richard Verbeek, film students

Rick Lichtenberg and Richard Verbeek get wild!

The two film artists will not only use this opportunity to capture the Wilderness, but also the event and artwork of other artists. The final result you find below, sharing this wild adventure with all Wilderness Advocates around the world.

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