Successful WILDArt exhibition prolonged

Because of success the European Wilderness Society and the municipality of Tamsweg have decided to extend the duration of the first WILDArt exhibition. The exhibition will be prolonged until 29th May, and will end with an official closing event! If you have not visited the WILDArt exhibition yet, make sure you visit this free-entry exhibition in Austria.

Wilderness anniversaries

The WILDArt exhibition is one of the events this year to celebrate the Wilderness anniversary in Europe and beyond.

Fifty-five years ago, the United States was the first country to officially designate land as “Wilderness”. This was done through the Wilderness Act of 1964. This was to protect the most pristine and wildest of America’s land for future generations. In 2009, the European Parliament passed the Wilderness Resolution. Europe now had a Wilderness definition and a plan to protect Wilderness.

Five years later, people from all across the globe gathered at the 10th World Wilderness Congress. Together, they built further on the Wilderness Resolution of Europe. This sparked the origin of the European Wilderness Society and the European Wilderness Network.

Wilderness Academy Day closing event

The WILDArt exhibition gives the visitors a great impression and showcases much of the work that resulted from the WILDArt event in Ukraine summer 2018. With 11 artists from various artistic fields, the European Wilderness Society team ventured into the Wilderness of Synevyr. The event was such an success that WILDArt will take place in 2019 as well. This time in Majella Wilderness in Italy! You can still register to participate in WILDArt 2019 – Majella Wilderness, click here for more information.

From May 27th to 29th, the European Wilderness Society will welcome many international guests and keynote speakers to the Wilderness Academy Days in the Biosphere Reserve Lungau. Tickets are still available, make sure to register here to attend!

The schedule of the 3-day conference is filled with exiting keynote speakers, interactive sessions, a gala dinner, film festival, field visits and much more! Furthermore, on May 29th the Wilderness Academy Days participants will jointly close the WILDArt exhibition in Tamsweg.

If you are not able to attend the Wilderness Academy Days, or visit the WILDArt exhibition before the end of May, do not worry! Next year, the exhibition will expand with new WILDArt from Majella Wilderness, and open to the public in Italy. We hope to welcome you on one of these occasions!

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