Introducing our WildArtists: Liset van Dommelen

In early August a group of 10 international artists will hike into the Ukrainian Wilderness with the European Wilderness Society. Right in the middle of National Nature Park Synevyr will be a WildArt Plein Air event. The WildArt Plein Air event is part of a project Areas of Inspiration, funded by the Creative Europe programme. Following our Romanian and Dutch photographer, we welcome Liset van Dommelen, Dutch printer.

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To see and feel Wilderness

People can enjoy Wilderness in many different ways. Most people watch the beautiful sceneries, smell the fresh air, and hear the sounds of nature. But some people see Wilderness from a different perspective. They see something that makes every plant, tree, animal and even the ground unique. It is their texture. Liset van Dommelen is specialised in a kind of gyotaku printmaking with natural inks she developed herself. Through these natural inks, Liset is able to capture textures of nature on screen. Liset is even able to give dead animals a second life in a unique way, by printing. 

This technique was used by Japanese fishermen to document their catch. I make prints of all types of dead animals, plants and whatever I can find that is printable. The fact that my hands have to feel and touch to make the right print, makes it so interesting.  It is a broader technique compared to only visual, where I can use more of my senses. Furthermore, I also use other print techniques, like mono or screen print.
Liset van Dommelen, Dutch printer.
Fox Spirit, by Liset van Dommelen

Showing nature’s beauty

Liset van Dommelen started to photograph to create her own screen print material. But some of her photo works were already standing out without turning them into screen prints. While being out in nature, she uses all the techniques she knows freely to document her outdoor adventures. Nature is the place she loved to be in most since she was a child. Now that she has raised her own children, it is even more important to her to hand these vulnerable and important pieces of our planet, as good as possible, over to the next generations to come. And to show it’s beauty.

See more of Liset van Dommelen’s work here.

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