Kalkalpen National Park celebrates 20th anniversary!

Last weekend, on July 23rd 2017, Kalkalpen National Park celebrated their 20th anniversary!

Twenty years ago the park was officially declared and started to write its history as the first National Park in the Austrian province Upper Austria.

Twenty years is a long time from the man perspective but there are many protected areas much older. Nevertheless, in this period the Kalkalpen National Park become a well known not only in Austria but in whole Europe!

During this period Kalkalpen National Park become a leader in the implementation very sophisticated and complex management focusing on non intervention management in the core zone, close cooperation with local partners and population, well known visitors destination!

Also international organisation recognised this uniqueness and very systematic management approach. After demanding auditing process and selection park was honoured to be a member of UNESCO Word Heritage Network -as a component of the Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe. This site is including today altogether 33 components parts in 12 State Parties!

Besides this Kalkalpen National Park is also member of the European Wilderness Network, focusing to protect European Wilderness! You can read the Wilderness Briefs here.

Kalkalpen National Park protects the last big forest Wilderness of Austria, with the longest natural stream system in the Eastern Alps. Here, nature is the top priority. Colourful natural forests, crystal-clear mountain streams and enchanting alpine pastures provide habitats for an extraordinary diversity of animals and plants. Rare and endangered species, such as the lynx, have returned to the wild forest of Kalkalpen National Park and found a place to live.

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