Experience Kalkalpen Wilderness

Discover nature – feel the Wilderness!

This is an introduction of the Wilderness camp in August in Kalkalpen Wilderness.

The vegetation is in full splendour. Now is exactly the right time to spend a few days in the Wilderness camp. On the one hand, you feel deeply connected with nature, but you can also feel discomfort and fear of the unpredictable. Wilderness shows how nature really is!

In Kalkalpen Wilderness Camp Programs you will experience, enjoy and comprehend original nature.

The program is offering several options:

Adventure Wilderness for families – is the family holiday in Upper Austria on Friday 11.8. – Sunday 13. 8.2017. Experience Wilderness on weekend for parents and children!

Kalkalpen Wilderness adventurous hikes around Kalkalpen Wilderness camp you collect intensive nature experiences and discover which animals live with us in the forest. Welcome on expedition into the forest Wilderness – discover nature on
Thursday 17.8. – Sunday, 20 August 2017

The trip in the kingdom of the lynx. You discover the traces of the inhabitants of the forest and experience the fascination of the Wilderness by day and by night. 4 days / 3 nights including meals in the Nationalpark WildnisCamp.

School in the Wilderness Camp. Adventure Wilderness is 3 day offer for schools.
Just for the youth, the simple life in the wild camp and the trips through nature is a welcome adventure. National park rangers ensure an exciting program in a day and also during the night!

Seminars and groups in the WildnisCamp
WildnisCamp is an opportunity to book an individually program for group such as  seminars or workshops. For individuals the Nationalpark Wilniscamp offers a unique atmosphere, far from everyday life for 3 days / 2 nights including meals and 1 day with the National Park Ranger…

WildnisCamp is the comfortable oasis in the Wilderness. It is the ideal base for Wilderness camp programs with national park rangers and Wilderness teachers.

Villa Sonnwend National Park Lodge
A-4575 Roßleithen, Mayrwinkl 80
Telephone + 43 (0) 75 62/205 92
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