Nature Reserve Val Alba – a hidden Wilderness in Italy

Val Alba is a small nature reserve in north-eastern Italy, right opposite the Potential Wilderness Area in Prealpi Giulie Nature Park. It is a small valley surrounded by high mountain peaks – a perfect place for Wilderness. That’s why the European Wilderness Society team visited it a few days ago, to get to see the area. Val Alba Reserve is under the same management principles as the neighbouring Prealpe Giulie.

First impressions

Our general impression of Val Alba Reserve was that it has a very high potential for Wilderness. There is only one very steep and narrow road leading to the reserve, so the majority of the area is roadless. Additionally, the steep rocky peaks are not very accessible, therefore human foot rarely comes there and there are only a handful of hiking trails. Furthermore, the peaks provide a stunning view. Due to the great impression we had, the reserve will definitely be audited in more detail in the future.

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