A visit to potential Wilderness in Prealpi Giulie Nature Park

Earlier this month, the team paid a visit to a potential Wilderness area in Prealpi Giulie Nature Park, situated in north-eastern Italy. There, we went for a four-hour long hike to explore the area and had a meeting with the Park Director and Management team Consultant.

Wilderness in Prealpi Giulie

During our hike in park’s core zone we were walking on steep slopes of old beech forests with many dead trees lying around. We also saw an astonishing waterfall that continued into a crystal-clear river. Many beautiful flowers waited for us on the trail, such as an orchid species dark-red helleborine. Last but not least, the park boasts itself with magnificent views on surrounding mountains. We later assessed the Wilderness according to European Wilderness Quality Standard and Audit System 2.0 with our new volunteers.

Our meeting with the Park Director and Management team Consultant was very successful. We discussed what the next steps to including the area in European Wilderness Network are. Additionally, we congratulated the Park for recently becoming a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. We also talked about the Park’s efforts to become a transboundary UNESCO reserve together with the neighbouring Triglav National Park in Slovenia. The Management team Consultant shared with us what kind of educational activities the Park organises for children.

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