World Ranger Day: In Memoriam

On July 31st we put the our Rangers across the world in the spotlight. They are the ones on the frontier of conservation that are critical for the planet’s future. They often leave their families behind, receive little compensation, but carry out some of the most rewarding work there is.

Stand with the world’s Rangers

But on this World Ranger Day, we also stand with those Rangers that are no longer with us. This year, 149 Rangers that were standing at the frontlines of conservation, gave their lives to protect what they love. They gave it their all, before losing the fight against poachers, militia or assailants. Others died after encountering the very species they are trying to protect. And many have lost their lives due to work-related risks, during accidents or illnesses that are associated with their every-day work.

Just recently, we received the tragic news from Borjomi Wilderness in Georgia. Mr. Vano Kupradze, Ranger in the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park is no longer with us, after he lost his live fighting wildfire in the National Park.

These are our brave heroes who have given their all.

Sean Willmore
President of the International Ranger Federation

Wilderness Rangers

The European Wilderness Society is an Associate Member of the International Ranger Federation and part of the global Ranger Family. Through our work and efforts for the Partners in the European Wilderness Network, we support the Wilderness Ranger out in the field. For example, in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service, the European Wilderness Society sent Rangers from the European Wilderness Network over to the US Wilderness Ranger Academy.

Wilderness Rangers are out and about in the Wilderness for most of the times, and our one of our most important educators for the Wilderness visitors. Through their experiences and stories, people get a better understanding what Wilderness means and why we need to protect it. After all, Wilderness does not need protection, it needs protectors.

Please also read this: www.internationalrangers.org

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