New record-high observation of golden jackal

The golden jackal keeps surprising us. Just recently, the first golden jackals reached Finland. Now, a photographer caught an individual on camera at record-high altitudes last April. Back then, Dionigi Colombo was hiking on the slopes of Mount Motto, close to Livigno in Italy. From a distance, he witnessed a golden jackal exploring the snow-covered terrain. The observation is unusual, as researchers usually assume that golden jackals avoid regions with low temperatures and long snow-cover. The Golden Jackal Informal Study group in Europe (GOJAGE) published the news on their website recently.

Expanding territories above and beyond?

Colombo captured the golden jackal on camera at an altitude of approximately 2350 meters above sea level. This is at least a new record altitude for Italy.

Scientists estimate that the Italian population of golden jackal is currently in a favourable conservation status, with 7 new reproductive groups. More details on the golden jackal population development and this observation will be shared during the 5th Seminar of Alpine Ecology early October.

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