European Wilderness Society

Mother Earth is dying

Reading the headlines, we feel joy and frustration at the same time and are reminded with every new research discovery that we are heading into a very uncertain future. Just take the last weeks news as an example. President Trump opened the Tongass Forest, the largest boreal Wilderness in North America, for commercial logging and mining, the Golden Jackal has reached Scandinavia and has been recorded high in the alpine mountains above the tree line. The German conventional farmers are protesting against the greening of the agicultural sector while at the same time the forest are burning at a dramatic increasing rate. And last but not least, we realize we live in the 6th mass extinction while we Europe discussing hunting and eradicating the wolf even in National Parks to protect the livestock. Let´s just remind ourselves: Mother Earth will survive despite this, but we will not survive the continuing ecological destruction we cause.

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