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Preliminary reports finished

EWQA Preliminary reports finished

The European Wilderness Quality Standard and Audit System (EWQA) is the Wilderness standard that serves as a basis for effective Wilderness protection, designation, restoration, and promotion of Wilderness across a range of geographic and political regions in all European Countries. It provides an easily understood, unambiguous and attractive Wilderness benchmark system that can mobilize the necessary interest and support among practitioners and across key sectors of society.

This standard consists of a hierarchy of Principles, Criteria and Indicators (PCI), an architecture similar to that used in a number of other standards, such as the Forest Stewardship Council or the Marine Stewardship Council.

What is content of Preliminary report?

Preliminary verification report is a short summary of finding in potential Wilderness. It includes the following chapters: introduction of Wilderness, Wilderness definition,  summary of  European Wilderness Quality Standard and Audit System (list of Principles), description of compatibility between EWQA and Wilderness qualities as defined by European Commission (2013, the four qualities of Wilderness defined by European Commission are: Undisturbedness, Undevelopedness, Naturalness and Scale). In addition, EWQA includes principles of Wilderness restoration, Wilderness research and monitoring as well as international relevance.

The important part of this document is description and explanation compatibility between protected area and EWQA zoning systems.

The important part of Preliminary report are “Main Findings and Recommendations”. This chapter includes a wide spectrum of specific recommendations aiming to improve the Wilderness quality.

Preliminary report for Hohe Tauern Wilderness includes 73 recommendations, for Kalkalpen Wilderness includes 88 recommendations and for Zacharovanyy Kray Wilderness it includes 69 recommendations.




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