Proof of a new litter from the Calanda wolves

The Swiss Office for Hunting and Fishery (Amt für Jagd und Fischerei) just confirmed that the famous Calanda wolf pack reproduced again. This is the seventh year in a row for the wolf pack. Pictures from camera traps confirmed recent sightings from private persons. The officials estimate that there are at least five pups. The wolf pack welcomed between five and seven pups in autumn of the last six years.  

Once around the Sun with the Calanda Wolves

Peter Dettling, nature photographer, worked in the Swiss Calanda region for three years. Here he tried to capture the very first Swiss wolf pack, wildlife and nature. The series ‘Once around the Sun with the Calanda wolves’ has 52 episodes, and publishes a new one every week. Follow his adventures, available in English and Deutsch.

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