Rap guide to Wilderness: Baba Brinkman

Canadian rapper Baba Brinkman is the genesis of Hip-Hop and Rap that’s all about ecology.

Brinkman got his start in hip-hop as a graduate student at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada.

In December 2014, Brinkman released a nature-inspired album, The Rap Guide to Wilderness. Brinkman is familiar with nature conservation due to his his father’s Brinkman Group, which has planted more than one billion trees since 1970. For this album, Brinkman also collaborated with the Wild Foundation. The aim was to reach teens, a new demographic of people for nature conservation.

Although hip-hop is rooted in the lyrics (in this case Wilderness), production is just as important. Hard-hitting base and snare, commonly known as the “boom-bap,” is what gives hip-hop its punch; the melodies built around that rhythm is what ushers in the emotions. Baba Brinkmann has some fantastic gems in this album which hit the hip-hop sound perfectly while sticking to the Wilderness theme. What a great mixture.






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