Austrian school project “Let’s get wild”

This spring, the European Wilderness Society started the preparations for a two year project aimed at Austria’s Highschools, focusing on Wilderness. This bilingual project is supported by the Bundesministerium für Landwirtschaft, Forst, Umwelt und Wasser –  BMLFUW – and the European Union.

“Let’s get wild“ creates interest in Austria´s younger generation for Wolf, Bears, Lynx and the golden Jackal but also in Wilderness, Climate Change, Nature Conservation jobs and most importantly in Austria´s National parks.

To be eligible to win the teenagers must write and perform a RAP Song about Wilderness and/or the large carnivores. This Rap will be submitted online and then a jury, the public and Baba Brinkman will vote on it.


The participating schools can win a multi day Wilderness trip in one of Austria´s National parks, Beats Headphones and a live performance with one of the world´s most renown Rap Stars from New York, Baba Brinkman. In addition, the schools will receive lots of educational material and even live size wooden versions of a Bear, Wolf and Lynx. In addition, Gudrun Pflüger will visit every school and narrate about her experience meeting a wolf pack on a meadow.

The winners will be announced at Europe´s first European Youth Wilderness Conference hosted in Austria.

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