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Respect nature – A workshop on minimal impact

All of us who cherish Wilderness and want to protect it for the future generations have much to do in the field of education. Every person, regardless of age, needs to be aware of how to treat nature respectfully, how to have deep nature experiences with as little impact as possible, and what guidelines to follow when doing so.

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We’re not always aware, or refuse to be aware of how our actions might have far-reaching and long-lasting impacts, be it in nature or any other environment. Having a close bond to nature and enjoying it in a respectful manner is something most societies manouvering in the 21st century have forgotten. Guidelines on how to respect nature needs to be taught and practiced.

A workshop on building respect

That’s one main aim of the “Respect Nature” Workshop, which is a Citizens’ Engagement Activity organised on the 8th of October in Castle Finstergrün, Ramingstein, made possible by the Interreg Volunteer Youth. During this day, there will be various workshop sessions, presentations and a field excursion, to show the locals how important it is to respectfully treat nature. During a full-day workshop, participants will learn key principles about how to respectfully treat nature and will have the chance to put their newly acquired knowledge into practice during interactive group sessions. Moreover, local organisations, involved in projects supported by the European Cohesion Policy will meet with locals and youth to promote awareness on the benefits of the European Cohesion Policy on local development.

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