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WILDArt Majella – How Wilderness and Art celebrated 10 years of Wilderness in Europe

WILDArt Majella was a full success! Almost 20 artists from Europe and the Untied States plus the team members of the European Wilderness Society and Majella National Park spend a week in Majella National Park. We experienced the beauty of Majella celebrating 10 years of Wilderness in Europe (see photos below). On Friday the 6th September the highlight of the week, the Citizens Engagement Acitivity took place in Sulmona. Supported by the Interreg Volunteer Youth, we informed over 50 locals about the European Cohesion Policy and the spirit of WILDArt. The renewal of the certification of Majella Wilderness, TV Interviews and reports reached thousands more.

It was amazing to see how the artists at WILDArt Majella transformed their personal experiences into art and how this art can be used to promote the region.

Jonas Sommer
Interreg volunteer at EWS

Among the artists at WILDArt Majella were writers, painters, photograghers, poets and philisophers. Everyone transformed their unique experience of the Majella Wilderness into beautiful artwork. Everyone can now admire this art in the headquarters of Majella National Park located in the magnificient Badia Morronese – the Abbey of the Holy Spirit at Monte Morrone, Sulmona. Through this art, local communities in and around the Majella National Park can see how much their home inspires people from other parts of the world and why it is worth protecting it.

We spent the first days of WILDArt Majella with a lot of hiking, observing and enjoying nature. Everybody was inspired by each other and the surroundings. There was plenty of opportunity for interesting discussions, storytime in the wild and many more.

At the Citizens Engagement Activity on the final day, made possible by the Interreg Volunteer Youth to promote the European Cohesion Policy, we celebrated the highlight of the event. Officials of Majella National Park and local policymakers came to meet the artists and to promote the region. After some talks and a great buffet with Italian treats the visitors had time to look at the artwork and inform themselves about Cohesion Policy. Meanwhile, the kids had a lot of fun painting and making their own wolf masks.

WILDArt Majella Wilderness

The Artists of WILDArt Majella

The wild European Wilderness Team

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