Youth Green Conference starts soon!

Early October European Wilderness Society will conduct Austrian-Ukrainian Youth Green Conference 2019. The conference is now under active preparation jointly with our Ukrainian partner – Agency for Sustainable Development of the Carpathian Region “FORZA”. The Project is financially supported by the Erasmus +  Programme. Namely,  KA3 – Support for policy reform, KA347 – Dialogue between young people and policy makers.

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Participants identification

During previous months project partners actively promoted project and its idea in both target countries: Austria and Ukraine. Consequently, we had a number of meetings with youngsters and teachers, encouraging them to apply for participation in the Youth Green Conference 2019. In such a way, Austrian and Ukrainian youngsters had to submit an Application for participation in English, as a common project communication language. In their Applications young people had to state their ecological actions as well as to substantiate their participation in the Conference.

For example, in Ukraine we even had to conduct a second level competition, since there we received even more application, than it was foreseen by the project. A second level completion was an interview of youngsters in English about environment, climate change, human impact, resources use efficiency etc.

As the result, a great group of interested youngsters from Ukraine and Austria are invited to participate in the Conference.

What is green future?

In their applications as well as during interviews youngsters already shared their knowledge and experience, as well as their ideas towards Green Future achievement in Europe. Among them:

  • Waste recycling and separation
  • Bicycle, feet and public transport use
  • Trees planting
  • Participation in eco-educational activities
  • River banks cleaning
  • Visits to the forest and re-union with the nature
  • Visits to the forest and re-union with the nature, etc.

In  2018 I understood  that biology is my life, it’s not only a “school subject”. Ecology – it’s like a rhythm of my life, this is something that always will have a special place in my heart.

Anastasiya Banoi,
student from Ukraine

During the Conference youngsters would like to:

  • Exchange experience
  • Learn new about nature
  • Meet new friends and like-minded
  • Practice English, etc.

I want to participate in the Youth Green Conference, because I want to lean something new. And, I want to learn from nature.

Celina Scheicher,
student from Austria

Parents meeting

On 28th of August parents meeting was conducted at the office of the Ukrainian Project partner “FORZA”. Among all, there detailed agenda of the Conference, instructions and preparatory issues were presented and discussed with participants´ parents. As well as needed papers, permissions and documents were introduced and collected.

Next steps

Already next week a preparatory meeting for Ukrainian participants will take place in Uzhhorod, Ukraine. On the meeting participants will be acquainted to each other and, will get instructions of more active preparation for the Youth Green Conference.

It is a good sign, that Maria Symkovych: a teacher, specialist of Educational Department of Uzhhorod City Council will join the Conference. Among other, Maria is the coordinator of Uzhhorod Schools Students´ Self-government and is introducing sustainable development subject for Uzhhorod students. She will also get a chance to communicate with her Austrian colleagues there.

Decision-makers and volunteers from different European countries will also join the Conference. Their will share their experience as well as increase knowledge of youngsters, which “Green” jobs exist in Europe.

During September, partners will finalize all preparatory logistics, paper and Conference content issues. And, already during 07-09 of October will conduct the first Austrian-Ukrainian Youth Green Conference in old castle for youngsters: Burg Finstergrün  in Austria.

This will be a 3-day event in nature surrounding with a lot of body & brain exercises and field trip. Youngsters, experts and decision-makers from Austria and Ukraine will jointly discuss in English sustainable Green Future for Europe and our input to it.

says Iryna Shchoka,
European Wilderness Society´s manager

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