Second international Jackal Symposium, Greece

Next week, the second international Jackal Symposium takes place in Marathon Bay, Greece. International experts and scientists will come together to discuss on the latest international developments. The symposium will address not only the golden jackal in Europe, but also related species such as the coyote, wolf and black-backed jackal. This symposium will also demonstrate the need for increased understanding and awareness among the general public. In Europe, the numbers of dispersal of golden jackals is increasing continuously. Informing people on these developments will also contribute to the acceptance of their presence in the coming years.

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Curious canine family

The international consortium of scientists will present their work on the golden jackal, side-striped jackal, black-backed jackal, coyote, Eurasian gray wolf, African wolf, Indian wolf and Ethiopian wolf. There will be also a focus on the golden jackal population development in a human-dominated landscape. Especially interesting will also be new studies on the golden jackal diet and expansion. The data confirms that proper livestock protection measures should not only focus on the wolf, but include the golden jackal as well.

Relative unknown species

The golden jackal (Canis aureus) is a very effective coloniser, also in Europe. There are currently large populations in south-eastern Europe, which are rapidly expanding. Wandering individuals have made it all the way to Denmark, the Netherlands and even France. It is thus important to inform ourselves on this new animal, as it continues to expand its territory on its own power.

Therefore, European Wilderness Society included the golden jackal in the large carnivore exhibition, which is currently travelling through Ukraine. Ukraine is also one of the countries with a large golden jackal population. Soon, the exhibition will also start in Germany and Austria, and our wooden friends will continue to visit more countries.

Find the full book with 83 scientific works below or on the Symposium website.

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One thought on “Second international Jackal Symposium, Greece

  • It is difficult to convince some people that predators are necessary to keep a balance in the environment
    which jackals and wolves do and they are not only a danger and a pest to people. Some people only see the ” danger and damage” aspect of these animals without realising their unseen value in the natural environment and it needs an enthusiastic campaign to educate them on this .

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