Slovakian safety experts receive Wilderness training

The Slovakian company ANTES GM, Ltd. from Trencin approached the European Wilderness Society a few months ago. Their request was if the European Wilderness Society would be able to provide a ‘Nature conservation and Wilderness’ training for 23 of their highly professional Safety and Communication Experts. The company did not randomly selected the topic of the training. It provided a deeper knowledge on these subjects and was also part of the 20th anniversary of the company. The training was actually very relevant because the 3-day meeting took place at the foothills of West Tatra, inside Tatra National Park. Here, in the small hotel Sileo, our colleague Vlado Vancura could provide the experts a true Tatra Wilderness experience.

Normally, ANTES GM, Ltd is not focusing on work-related topics with nature and Wilderness at all. Instead, it works on the design, projection, delivery, assembly and service for security and communication systems. Nevertheless, the Nature conservation and Wilderness training was interesting for the whole group of technical professionals.

I have visited this part of the West Tatra Mountains several times with my family, and I was a really keen to learn more! Nevertheless, I did not expect that the presentations would reveal a link of this area to the European and global efforts to protect the last fragment of Wilderness and the European Wilderness Network, said Tomas Marek, Managing Director of ANTES GM, Ltd.

The training, including several presentations and discussion, was a real surprise for them. The group of professional technicians showed an enormous interested. And actually, the informal discussion with the our colleague Vlado was longer than the presentation itself!


The European Wilderness Society believes that Wilderness is undefined and open ended. The same principle goes for the extend to which we can educate people on topics like this. Are you interested to learn more about Wilderness and other nature conservation developments in Europe? Take a look around on our website and feel free to contact us!

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