Special Report: Deforestation in Romania

Prof. Dr. Hans Dieter Knapp shared with us this devastating report about forestry practices in Romania and we immediately wanted to publish this report in order to make it available to our supporters and Wilderness advocates. In Europe, there is still this believe that deforestation is something that only happens in the Amazon or Canada. This report clearly shows that the destruction of old growth forest is also a massive problem in Europe, especially in Romania.

This is especially frustrating, since this situation seriously undermines all biodiversity conservation efforts by the European Union and their efforts to reverse climate change. Old growth forests are of great importance because often they correspond with the last Wilderness areas in Europe. Once roads for the logging trucks and harvesters (what a name!) have been cut through the forest, any effort to protect the associated Wilderness is seriously in peril.

Please help us to stop deforestation and the destruction of our last old growth forests in Europe. Access the previous three issues of the European Wilderness Journal here.

4 thoughts on “Special Report: Deforestation in Romania

  • Ha ha ha…

  • I will like to order hardwood 1-5/32 in. x 6 in. x 16 ft

  • It takes time and money to report on these issues. One of the small things anyone can do, is support the NGO of your choice to continue bringing the Europe´s attention to this deforestation. In addition, we will gladly mail you printed copies for you to send to your politicians and asking them to inform themselves. The more people ask questions, the more uncomfortable it becomes for those allowing this to happen.

    Wild regards

    Max A E Rossberg

  • Very true; what can we do to help?

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