The way to species extinction

Extinction is a natural phenomena, it is part of the evolutionary process. However the current extinction crisis is not natural, but driven strongly by human influences like poaching, habitat destruction and illegal logging.

According to wikipedia “extinction is the end of an organism or a group of organisms (taxon), normally a species.”  The Holocene extinction, which is often entitled as the Sixth Extinction, is a name proposed to describe the “Extinction event” that has occurred during the present Holocene epoch (since around 10,000 BC) mainly due to human activities. We are currently losing about 3 species in every hour!

Extinction is more commonly known as a process linked to the fauna. A lot of people have heard about the dodo and the Tasmanian tiger, both disappearing due to our actions. However this video below gives a shocking example when a plant species, the Siamese rosewood is pushed into extinction due to illegal trade of our current time.

We are proud of the rangers from Thailand who are in a real battle to save the species before it is gone forever. This short film reveals how Siamese rosewood has been illegally logged to the brink of extinction in the Mekong region to feed the demand for luxury hongmu furniture in China.

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