Should we stop illegal logging in Romania?

The future of the pristine forests in Romania is heavily under threat. Logging operations in protected areas continue to cut down century-old trees, which are transformed into wood chips, toilet paper and other products. It seems that the Romanian authorities do not enforce strict legislations, allowing forestry operations to continue their work. Is Europe doing enough to prevent these forests from disappearing? We want to hear your opinion.

Complex challenges

Just recently, we shared a documentary by ARTE that showed how illegally logged trees end up in certified circuits with an eco-label. This drives the illegal logging practices even further, threatening some of the last old-growth forests in Europe. Even in Romanian National Parks, logging operations continue on a daily basis. Also, the Federation Coalition Natura 2000 even reported that the government threatens the future of natural protected areas. 

Involvement of European Commission needed?

Earlier this year, the European Commission intervened with the illegal logging practices in the Polish Bialowieza Forest. Furthermore, the Court of Justice declared the logging illegal, and the Court fined the Polish government. Is it necessary that the European Commission also demands action from the Romanian government? Let us know what you think in our poll below. 

One thought on “Should we stop illegal logging in Romania?

  • Thank you for publishing this article, it means a lot for us to see that there are others who are trying to raise awareness about illegal logging in Romanian forests. Keep up the good work!

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