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We are launching a Podcast

Podcasts have been on the rise for many years and will not disappear any time soon. They are are great medium to share interesting stories and give listeners an insight into whatever topic one chooses to share with the world. And one thing is for sure: the European Wilderness Society has many interesting stories and topics to share! Thus, we are very excited to announce the launch of the “Let’s get wild” Podcast and with it the first series about biodiversity in forests.

The first series: Biodiversity in forests

The podcast allows us to dive deeper into topics related to our projects and to reach a broader audience. Because of this, the first podcast series is part of the project Multiperspektivischer Blick auf die Biodiversität im Wald. Funded by the BMLRT and the EU, the project focuses on offering a diverse view on the biodiversity in forests through webinars and interviews with forestry and fauna&flora experts, informative articles and now also through informative podcast episodes. This particular series is in German and a new episode will be released every week until the end of September 2021.The first episodes have already been published!

A Podcast as diverse as our team and projects are

We are a young, multicultural and creative team that works on a wide range of projects every day. From the conservation of beech forests to livestock protection to ranger trainings, the work we do is very diverse. Because of this it was a given that the “Let’s get wild” Podcast reflects this diversity. Basically, in each episode, an international team of wilderness and wildlife experts will take you on a ride into Europe’s unique nature with interesting interviews, insider stories, and facts.

Our team also comes from different countries, which is why we wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to share our stories in different languages and, thus, connect with listeners from all over Europe. In summary: “Let’s get Wild” is a multilingual, educational and fun podcast. We will talk about Wilderness, ecosystems, biodiversity, climate change, and of course also people.

Subscribe to the podcast

You can listen to the “Let’s get wild” Podcast on our website here, or subscribe to it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Stitcher, so you do not miss the release of new episodes. We are just at the beginning of this podcasting journey and we are excited to have you on board!

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