Comeback of Wilderness Education week in Ukraine

There is a high demand for informal ecological education in Ukraine. Therefore, as a response to this demand, European Wilderness Society again conducted a Wilderness Education week in Uzhhorod.

This time our educational week consisted of:

  • A week long “Human & Wilderness Coexistence” exhibition
  • Wilderness classes for youngsters
  • Meeting of the Ukrainian Youth Wilderness Group
  • Visit to local TV channel´s morning programme
  • Participation in the programme of the local German channel
  • A lot of new meetings and joint projects brainstorming.

“Human & Wilderness Coexistence” exhibition

There were many requests to conduct European Wilderness Society’s “Human & Wilderness Coexistence” exhibition again. And this time, the exhibition was conducted in the Smart Point Uzhhorod, a hub for innovative education and events. This made the exhibition more accessible for broader public.

Furthermore, we opened the exhibition together with friends and supporters of the European Wilderness Society:

  • Oksana Pavlyuchok-Hoherchyak, methodist of educational department of Uzhhorod City Council,
  • Svitlana Kyrlyk, Ukrainian painter, participant of two Wild Art events
  • Yuriy Derbal, expert of NGO “FORZA”,
  • Hanna Popovych, teacher of biology of school No 6.

It is so great to meet such cool people and to participate in these mega-interesting and useful projects, which you are creating!

Victoria Metenkanych, Green Town Initiative

As usually, classes with youngsters were exciting, energetic and positive. We discussed such main issues:

  • Can modern human live in a harmony with nature?
  • Is this possible in the densely populated Europe?
  • Is there Wilderness in Transcarpathia?
  • Whether one should be afraid from encountering large carnivore?
  • What are the results of “Youth Green Conference -2019″?

The exhibition was visited by more than 200 youngsters and adults. And again, there is a demand for more. Recently, we are receiving new orders to hold the exhibitions.

Ukrainian Youth Wilderness Group

During this week it was also a pleasure to meet again Ukrainian Youth Wilderness Group, which took part in the “Youth Green Conference -2019” and became stronger recently.

We had a great brainstorming session with these active and environment-concerned youngsters. Furthermore, we agreed on further activities:

  • submit a support letter for “Clean up Synevyr National Nature Park” project, where we already got a great support from this group,
  • participate and support European Wilderness Society and NGO “FORZA” in Nature conservation/Wilderness educational and Forest pedagogy activities,
  • join open house at Uzhhorod school self-government on 5th of November,
  • visit Carpathian Biosphere Reserve and other protected areas of European Wilderness Network and beyond,
  • implement photo art project, connecting nature, local legends and culture,
  • conduct inventory of bicycle parking facilities in Uzhhorod
  • improve and inspect safety of pedestrian crossings close to schools in Uzhhorod,
  • participate in other volunteering activities of NGO “FORZA” and European Wilderness Society.

In the end of the meeting we also watched a video on Youth Green Conference. It was prepared by Mariya Symkovych, teacher and decision-maker, who joint us in this great event.

Soon we will also inform you in more details about our visit to local TV channel morning programme and local German channel programme on Ukrainian Youth Wilderness Group.

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