Webinar: Forestry and Wilderness

Have you ever thought about how important the forest is in the concept of Wilderness or how important Wilderness is in the concept of forestry? In a webinar on 29th of November 2021 at 13:00 CET, Forest and Wilderness expert Vlado Vancura will give us an in-depth insight into the link between Forestry and Wilderness – then and now.

Forestry and Wilderness

As part of the Austrian project “Multi-perspective view of Biodiversity in Forests” the European Wilderness Society organises a second series of German or German-English bilingual webinars. One aim of the series is to show the shift from Wilderness to the intensive forest management throughout Europe. Particularly interesting is the story of why it is important to have and protect remnants of Wilderness in Europe, not only to meet the target of the 10% strict protected areas in Europe of the Biodiversity Strategy of 2030. Also of importance is the fact how current situation in Europe might affect this process and what we can expect in the future.

During the webinars a conversation between forest experts and participants will be fostered to explore a variety of opinions and solutions. In the first webinar of this second series Vlado Vancura, an expert in forestry and Wilderness, will tell us about his decade-long experience with forest management and Wilderness stewardship in Europe. The history of Wilderness and forests in Europe is seemingly diverse from country to country but there is a clear common baseline. Nowadays, Europe is characterized by very intensive forest management but simultaneously by a very strong movement to protect the last fragments of Wilderness. Join us on the 29th of November at 13.00 by registering now.

The Wilderness and forest are an extremely important part of Europes natural heritage. Why is it important to understand historical linkbetween Wilderness and modern forest management?  What experiences exist with active and passive forest management and why is co-existing of sound forest management and Wilderness actually important? The webinarwill answer these and many more pressing questions.

Vlado Vancura
Forest and Wilderness expert

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