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New translations of Respect Nature poster and folder available

Our poster and folder ‘Respect Nature’ is available for downloading in several languages!

Update 8.12.2021: Folder Czech

Each time we visit nature, we have an impact on it with our actions. Therefore, it is crucial to minimise this impact to preserve nature for other visitors and of course, to keep it in a good state for the wildlife and the plants that inhabit it. In nature, we are only visitors, so it is our responsibility to keep it undisturbed. Respect Nature informs on how to behave outdoors to protect the nature we love as best as possible.

Through 9 easy-to-follow action guidelines, the poster explains how to behave in nature in order to have as little impact as possible.

Download the poster and folder ‘Respect Nature’ for free! Spread the word on the importance of minimising our impact on nature!

Respect Nature poster and folder download as PDF for your personal use as well as for educational purposes. New translations are added continously!

Respect Nature poster Czech // Respect Nature folder Czech

Respect Nature poster Hungarian

Respect Nature poster Italien

Respect Nature poster German

Respect Nature poster Ukrainian

You can copy, print and redistribute the material in any medium or format, but please do not modify it without permission. We will have printed versions of the posters available upon request. Thank you.

We especially like to thank everybody who helped us with translating the poster into so many different languages. If you want to help us spread Respect Nature in your country, too, support us as a volunteer translator!

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One thought on “New translations of Respect Nature poster and folder available

  • In the Czech version, the first word in section 1 should be “SEZNAMTE” instead of “EZNAMTE”. Could you please repair it?

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