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Wild holidays to everyone!

In these last days of 2020, people in Europe and the rest of the world find themselves in various situations. For many, this christmas is different than any other before. We will need all the adaption that this year taught us to make the best of this situation. No matter if you celebrate this year´s wild holidays with your family as every year, in a closer circle than normal, with only your partner or digitally connected to your loved ones, we wish you a wonderful end of 2020.

Wild holidays to celebrate a wild year

For the European Wilderness Society, 2020 has been a year of unprecedented challenges. Many on-site visits and physical activities had to be postponed. On the other hand, LIFEstockProtect, the biggest and most challenging project we have ever developed and submitted, was approved. And we successfully organized the first International Widlerness Week. As so often, we turned to Wilderness and natural dynamics to look for answers on how to adapt to changing situations. Wilderness teaches us that we should not always expect a certain outcome and that flexibility is key for adapting to a changing environment. The flow of things often leads to unexpected results that exceed any expectation. Covid-19 questioned many of our previous approaches on how to operate as an NGO. It created many new opportunities, we tried new things and got creative in our day to day work. We adopted new communication technologies, we trained new business skills and we forged new alliances. We even manage something we never dreamed about before. We held the first and second Ukrainian Ranger Training online. reaching Rangers all across the vast Ukraine. Just like we always find new insights in our Wilderness areas, can explore new corners and watch Wilderness create incredible variety. Looking back we reduced with these adaptive measures due to Civid even our C02 footprint and will continue to questions some of the past habits.

Another wild year ahead

We are looking forward to an exciting new year 2021. Looking will discover even more perspectives, put new ideas into reality and develop new projects base upon our experience from 2020. But for now, our whole team enjoys the wild holidays in different countries, company and circumstances. All with the certainty that the outgoing year was a success despite the challenges and 2021 will be even better.

Dear Wilderness Advocates: Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year or whatever Wild Holidays you may celebrate!

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