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Interview with European Wilderness Society in Ukraine

While we are finalising the Youth Green Conference 2019 project, the European Wilderness Society continues its educational activities in the field. One of them was a week-long exhibition of “Human and Wilderness coexistence” in Ukraine. And this time, the exhibition was complemented by a presentation and photo stand about the Youth Green Conference! The participants of the Youth Green Conference were also introduced to the exhibition.

There is a lot of interest for the youth education activities in Transcarpathia, the capital of the most Western region of Ukraine. Therefore, to introduce work of the European Wilderness Society and its educational programmes, a regional TV channel invited us for an interview in their morning show.

Zakarpattia television show

Iryna Shchoka, project manager and focal point Ukraine for the European Wilderness Society, together with Ivan Synetar, student of Uzhhorod school No 15, participated in the UA Zakarpattia television show. It was a pleasure to discuss the topic with the TV host Iryna Miller.

During Youth Green Conference 2019, we learnt a lot of things that are happening due to climate change. It is smart to approach children about environmental issues, when they are small, and to change their minds.

Ivan Synetar
participant of Youth Green Conference 2019

To make this interview more understandable for our readers, European Wilderness Society arranged English subtitles for the interview. A big thank you to the UA Zakarpattia channel for providing the video and to Emilia Kupets for the subtitles translation.

You can watch the video right here!

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