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New European Wilderness Network Partner service launched

The European Wilderness Society just started a new service for our European Network Partners. This new service will support the partners of the European Wilderness Network with numerous activities, new services and free marketing.

European Wilderness Network

The European Wilderness Network, started under PAN Parks 15 years ago, has grown to now 23 members in 14 Countries with more than 300.000 ha of audited Wilderness. This network represents the best Wilderness all across Europe and is still expanding. During the last 2 years, the Hohe Tauern Wilderness,the Kalkalpen Wilderness and Zacharovanyy Kray Wilderness joined the Network. This year two Wildernesses in Germany and four in Ukraine will join as well.

Marketing Support

The European Wilderness Network partners will benefit  from a revised and updated new marketing strategy. All partners will regularly receive not only marketing material free of charge to be used in their day to day marketing activities but also be listed in a special search engine optimized website dedicated to the European Wilderness Network.

European Wilderness Exchange Programme

The European Wilderness Exchange Programme offers selected representatives of the European Wilderness Network to visit other Wilderness areas of the Network to exchange personal experience, professional know-how and to expand the personal Wilderness networks.

European Wilderness Academy Days

Starting this year, each European Wilderness Network partner receives one VIP ticket to attend the European Wilderness Academy Days 25-27th October in Slovakia. During the European Wilderness Academy Days, there will be a session dedicated to the partners of the European Wilderness Network.

Literature and Publications

Our European Wilderness Journal, Annual Report, Logging Report Romania, WILD5 in French, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian, German and English, the European Wilderness Quality Standard or the many European Wilderness Standard Quick- and Full-Audit reports will be available to all European Wilderness Network Partners free of charge.

Sustainable Tourism and Wilderness

The sustainable tourism experts Karin Eckhard and Max Rossberg of the European Wilderness Society are working closely with Ecological Tourism Europe, Michael Meyer, to develop new innovative sustainable tourism concepts and projects to be made available to the partners of the European Wilderness Network.

More personal visits

One of the most important changes will be an increase of personal visits to every European Wilderness Network partner. We are planning to visit in 2017:

  • Gorgany Wilderness
  • Rila Wilderness
  • Retezat Wilderness
  • Central Balkan Wilderness
  • Oulanka Wilderness
  • Paanajaervi Wilderness
  • Königsbrücker Heide Wilderness
  • Archipelago WILDCoast
  • Fulufjället Wilderness
  • Sooma Wilderness
  • Synevyr Wilderness

And in 2018 we are planning to visit:

  • Peneda-Geres Wilderness
  • Majella Wilderness
  • Hohe Tauern Wilderness
  • Küre Mountains Wilderness
  • Vilm WILDIsland
  • Borjomi-Kharagauli Wilderness
  • Cepkeliai-Dzukia Wilderness
  • Zacharovanyy Kray WILDForest
  • Uholka WILDForest
  • Hoverla Wilderness
  • Kalkalpen Wilderness

If you want to join the European Wilderness Network, please fill out the application below.

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