Wolf poster now available in 16 languages incl. Romanian, Polish, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Latvian and Albanian

Our poster on how wolves restore nature’s balance in Europe is now available in Romanian, Polish, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Latvian and Albanian. Also, we have given all the previously produced posters an update, thanks to all the feedback we received.

You can find all new posters in 16 different languages here.

We would like to thank everybody who provided us with a translation of the text. In case you are able to provide us with a translation that is currently missing, get in touch with us!

Please feel free to copy, print and redistribute the material in any medium or format, but please do not modify it without permission. Thank you.

Where do you use our poster?

Did you know that the poster is already used for the education of Czech rangers and kids? If you are using the poster somewhere, in a classroom, office or anywhere else, let us know!

Ranger ‘Jirka’ with our wolf-poster, from

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