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Nabu Austria Press-conference: Give the Wolf a chance!

Nabu Austria Press-conference: Give the Wolf a chance!

More than 20 journalists and three TV Stations attended the successful and highly informative press-conference organized by the Naturschutzbund Austria with the support of Kurt Kotrschal and the European Wilderness Society.

The Naturschutzbund also started a petition to demand:

  • that the wolf can safely return and stay in Austria
  • that the politician support and finance herd management programmes to support the alpine farmers on protecting their livestock against possible wolf attacks
  • that the know-how about wolves get improved and less emotional
  • that a coexistence between humans and wolves in possible

Please sign the petition: Give the wolves a chance

Two independent studies from the opposite spectrum of the wolf discussion confirmed simultaneously that almost 70% of Austrians are for the return and the protection of the wolf in Austria.

ORF Print report

ORF TV Report 




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