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World Environmental Education Congress

On 14th of March the 11th World Environmental Education Congress started. This hybrid event will last for 5 days and will become an interactive platform for presentation and exchange of experience on environmental education. Moreover, it will provide not only latest information on scientific programme, sessions, speakers and rooms but also a unique opportunity for networking. European Wilderness Society also participates in the event.

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Agenda and keynote

Agenda of the Congress includes presentations, discussions, field sessions and networking.

Among keynote speakers of the first day are:

  • Heila Lotz-Sisitka with presentation “Transgressive Learning in Times of Climate Change”
  • Judy Braus with „The Power of Connection“
  • Franz X. Bogner with “Behaviour, attitudes and knowledge: How effective education fosters environmental literacy”
  • Bruce Johnson with “Beyond Bridges on a World in Crisis: The Role of Education Along Our Paths to Survival” and other.

On 18th of March workshop: Developing ESD competencies of educators will take place.

Due to the access to the virtual platform of the Congress there is a possibility to follow all the presentations in the convenient time even after the Congress completion. Moreover it is also a solid ground for communication.


One of the Congress sections is the Poster section. Posters are the great tool to visualize information and support efficient educational process a lot. There are such sections of posters available:

  • Action competence and key competence for sustainability
  • Arts, Ethics, and Environmental Education
  • Business sector and Environmental Education
  • Climate Change Education
  • Early Childhood Education: The Foundation of ESD
  • Education for Environmental Citizenship
  • Environmental Education in the Anthropocene
  • Environmental Education in Nonformal Settings
  • Outdoor Environmental Education: Bridging Nature Experiences with School and Home
  • Place-based Education
  • Sustainable Universities
  • Transformative, Transgressive Learning in Communities
  • Whole School Approach to Environmental and Sustainability Education
  • Water for Life and other.

European Wilderness Society also provided two posters:

Centralparks presentation

On 15th of March Centralparks project was presented on the Congress. The presentation “Integration of biodiversity protection with environmental and sustainability education in and around Carpathian protected areas” shared project experience. Particularly, in the framework of project, meetings and workshops have been organized in 4 Carpathian countries to facilitate the dialogue and create a bridge between PAs administrations, local communities, and students. The purpose of these educational activities is to disseminate environmental knowledge and encourage people to get involved in defending and preserving the outstanding natural values of Carpathians PAs, today threatened by anthropogenic dangerous activities. The most appropriate way of protecting Carpathian nature and fostering environmental education in non-formal settings is, indeed, through coordinated educational actions.

Transboundary cooperation is needed to improve the management capacities of Carpathian PAs both for the benefit of biodiversity and for the sustainable prosperity of Carpathian communities.

States Isidoro De Bortoli,
project coordinator on behalf of project Centralparks consortium

As European Wilderness Society is dealing with the environmental educational activities and projects, we consider World Environmental Education Congress, is a sufficient tool to deepen the knowledge and exchange experiences. 

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