Journey into the Carpathians with scribble movies

The Carpathians are one of the most important European wildlife refuges harbouring some of the last undisturbed ecosystems such as primaeval beech forests and one-third of European endemic and threatened plant species. The area supports viable populations of big native carnivores and big native herbivores. Moreover, it forms one of the main European ecological corridors allowing migrations of animal populations and genetic exchange. Biodiversity loss is a global problem and the Carpathians are no exception. Threats are increasing due to changes in social and economic conditions, putting the mountain ecosystem under enormous pressure. To tackle these challenges and to improve management capacities in protected areas, the project Centralparks was developed, in which the European Wilderness Society leads Work Package Communication.

Centralparks project

The Centralparks project aims to reconcile nature conservation and local socio-economic development. It focuses on enhancing biodiversity and landscape conservation, local sustainable tourism development, integrated nature conservation planning, habitat evaluation and communication with local communities.

Coordinated by the European Wilderness Society, the project just published five short scribble movies, aiming to raise awareness of five ways how Centralparks contributes to harmonising biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in the Carpathians. Watch these educational scribble videos here or on our YouTube channel!

Protected areas and their wider landscapes

Local sustainable tourism in the Carpathians

Communicating Protected Areas

Carpathian Ecosystem Services

Building capacities of Protected Area managers

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