The European Wilderness Society

Our passion is Wilderness

The European Wilderness Society is the only Pan-European, wilderness and environmental advocacy non-profit organization with a dedicated multi-cultural and very experienced professional team of wilderness and wildlife specialists, nature conservationists, researchers and scientists, tourism experts, marketing and business professionals, legal advisors and wilderness advocates whose mission is to:

  • identify
  • designate
  • manage
  • promote

European wild rivers, old growth forests and Wilderness. We are also dedicated to the education of the next generation of Europeans on Wilderness.

Identifying Wilderness

We identify wild areas, old growth forest and wilderness with the help of local environmental organizations, governmental institutions and in direct contact with protected area managers.

Designating Wilderness

We designate these areas using the European Wilderness Quality Standard and Audit System (EWQA). The EWQA is based upon years of experience auditing, reviewing and consulting wilderness areas across Europe. Already 16 areas have undergone the detailed analysis of the EWQA and its predecessor auditing system managed by our team members.  We also partner with local organization in the protection process of really valuable wilderness using financial mechanism like leasing or purchasing property.

Managing Wilderness

We assist in the management process of these areas by proving management capacity building training programs in our European Wilderness Academy and by hosting conferences like the European Wilderness Days. We also evaluate the management effectiveness and offer specialized consulting addressing the specific needs of an area or its management team.

Promoting Wilderness

The European Wilderness Society also promotes wild areas, old growth forests and wilderness by an extensive communication strategy including:

  • a weekly wilderness newsletter with interesting stories, background information, updates on European Wilderness Policy issues and inside information into numerous wilderness areas.
  • publishing of a quarterly European Wilderness Journal in both a printed version and as an Ebook being mailed to more than 500 European Wilderness Advocates, Politicians and government employees.
  • an extensive social media presence with almost daily updates.
  • numerous special interest and scientific papers on such diverse topics as sustainable tourism strategies, Natura2000 management techniques, Wilderness Educational curriculums.
  • Our website is a one-stop-shop for information about the European Wilderness. If you would like to be kept up to date on the status of European Wilderness please register for our European Wilderness Newsletter or follow us on FB, and Twitter, or join our open Linkedin group!

Educating the next generation

In addition to the regular communication strategy, a special focus lies on educational programs aimed at the next generations. We develop together with protected areas school programs, outdoor experience wilderness camps, produce school magazine and visit schools.

Pan-European Presence

The European Wilderness Society maintains offices in Spain, Slovakia, Germany, Belgium, Ukraine and its headquarter in Austria.

Consulting and Project Management

As most areas are always looking for financing, a special focus of some of our team is consulting areas in developing and implementing sustainable tourism and regional development strategies.

Strategic partnerships

To fulfill its mission and to achieve its objectives, the European Wilderness Society maintains strategic partnerships with some of the best nature conservation organizations of the world. Including:

  • IUCN
  • WWF
  • Wei (Wild Europe Initiative)
  • John Muir Trust
  • Danube Parks 2.0
  • University of Klagenfurt
  • College FH Eberswalde
  • University of Leeds
  • Wildland Research Institute
  • CEEWeb
  • ETE
  • E.C.O
  • Eliante
  • Friends of the Earth
  • And others

Please donate

We appreciate every kind of donation. You can also subscribe to our quarterly European Wilderness Journal or help us spread the word. We are also happy to publish your articles, blogs and wilderness related research results. Please contact us!

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