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UNECE Forum and education for sustainable development  

Education for sustainable development is becoming more and more important recently. Promoting education for sustainable development (ESD) will be the main subject of the UNECE Forum for ESD and Youth and the parallel MED9 Forum that will take place in Limassol, Cyprus from the 27th to 28th of June 2024.  

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UNECE Forum  

Central to discussions in these forums will be the pivotal role of youth in driving ESD policies for a sustainable future. Imparting young minds with the knowledge, skills, and passion for environmental stewardship is paramount to engendering an awareness of and a commitment to ESD.  

To truly build resilient and equitable economies, we must view youth not just as the leaders of tomorrow but as the disruptive change-makers of today, whose actions now will influence the course of our collective destiny. By investing in the education of ESD in our youth, we can then harvest the fruits of a generation of like-minded leaders who understand the value and consequence of empowering ESD.  

Together, by uniting our voices and committing our resources, we will succeed in creating a catalyst for positive change, inspiring each other to enhance our efforts in pursuit of a greener, more sustainable future for all.  

Youth Green Conference 

The European Wilderness Society works on projects to raise awareness about nature protection and wilderness as well as education about sustainable development. One of the projects is the Youth Green Conference which aims to provide knowledge to young people about the importance of the environment, youth action and build new partnership between European countries and youth.  

The idea of the Youth Green Conference is that participants from different countries can jointly engage in a dialogue on the topic of a sustainable green future for Europe.  

In 2025 the Conference will be conducted for the third time! 

Europe is facing bigger environmental challenges than ever before. Therefore, the importance of addressing these challenges is also reflected in the EU Youth Strategy. In September 2018 the 6th and final EU Youth Conference in Vienna resulted in the outcome of 11 Youth Goals. And one of them is ‘Sustainable Green Europe’.  


Working on the projects on sustainable development is one of the European Wilderness Society’s priorities. We are a part of the Carpathian Education for sustainable development Expert Network and part of the SMARTOUR project.  

SMARTOUR is funded by ERASMUS+ and the main objective of the SMARTOUR project is to produce a COHERENT AND EASY-TO-USE SET OF EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS that the trainers will use for training adults, responsible for tourism development to apply smart approaches or to provide consultation services to the same target group as the trainers themselves will directly benefit from the use of these educational materials.  

The SMARTOUR project will create materials on smart tourism development and will produce 70 trained adult educators via its learning, teaching, training activities and at least 270 participants of multiplier events where the project results will be disseminated. 

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